Whipping Tree

(image by graphicsfactory.com)

Yes, it’s just my imagination tree based on a tree written on some pages of Harry Potter series. This tree is absolutely different with the real one. In fact, every time I remember the tree with its whipping branches as we can find in Harry Potter, automatically an image of a tree in Botanical Gardens emerges.

harry potter treeHave you read Harry Potter books of Joanne Katherine Rolling? In some series, the author mentions a tree that is in the forbidden forest. It’s a giant willow tree. Its branches and twigs will flail to beat anything approaching. In my imagination, that tree looks like one in Bogor Botanical Gardens. It can be found at field side near orchid house. The most rapid access to where this tree grows is through the gate 2 which is across Pangrango Plaza (the former Internusa). Approximately 100 meters from the gate, on the right side of path, the tree can be seen. Its Latin name written on a plate attached to the tree is Digitata Adansonia L.



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